Kit Guide 4: lights

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Smartphone filming is all about making the best use of the available light. Daylight is free! But a small light or two can improve the look of your video, especially when filming indoors. TIP: Whichever light you buy, make sure … Continued

Kit Guide 3: sound

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Ask yourself – what did you think the last time you saw a video on social media with terrible sound? Unprofessional maybe? How long did you spend watching it? It’s a fact that more smartphone videos are ruined by rubbish … Continued

Kit Guide 2: clamps, grips and tripods

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Camera shake makes your video look unpolished. Here’s some simple, affordable kit to help you create smooth, professional shots. Smartphone clamps and handgrips These grip the camera securely and avoid wobbly shots. They’re lightweight, easy to carry and adjustable for … Continued

Kit Guide 1: overview

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So you want to create great video with your smartphone. What extra equipment do you need? Here are our recommendations for a good, but not overly fancy, basic kit. Lightweight, affordable, simple We shoot with smartphones in the first place … Continued

Case Study

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Working with Sanyu Research, a charity dedicatedto improving maternity care worldwide Professor Andrew Weeks wanted to show how Sanyu Research was working to change the often frightening language used by medical teams during childbirth. We shot and edited three videos (vertical, square and 16 … Continued