Kit Guide 4: lights

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Smartphone filming is all about making the best use of the available light. Daylight is free! But a small light or two can improve the look of your video, especially when filming indoors.

TIP: Whichever light you buy, make sure it has a brightness control so you can adjust the light level and a diffuser or filter to tone down the harshness of bright white light.

  • Manfrotto Lumimuse rechargeable LED light. 6 LED (£59) or the less powerful 3 LED (£45). Use with the filters supplied, otherwise the light is too harsh.
  • Metz Mecalight LED 320 (£60) has a hinged mount.
  • Lume Cube Air (£80) is more expensive, but is really compact and has a magnet for clamping to metal surfaces, a diffuser and a wireless control. It’s also waterproof!
  • Ulanzi (£15). A cheap and cheerful battery-powered light.
  • Aputure Amaran AL-M9 (£47) comes well-recommended.