Kit Guide 5: power and memory

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Power banks

Shooting and editing video on a smartphone eats your battery. Always take a powerbank so you can top up during the day.

TIP: When choosing a power bank, check the mAh figure. The higher the figure, the more times you can charge your smartphone. Go for 20,000 mAh if you can. On aircraft, power banks must be taken in your cabin baggage, not the hold. There are also maximum power limits, usually around 27,000 mAh. Check with the airline before you travel.

  • EC Technology 22,400 mAh (£22). Charges three devices simultaneously. Weighty but fast
  • Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10,000 mAh (£15). Charges two devices simultaneously. Slimmer but slower.
  • Anker PowerCore 5000 mAh (£20). Charges one device only, but fits in your pocket/bag.
  • Belkin Rockstar adaptor (£30). Allows you to keep charging while also recording audio. They also sell a version with a double lightning port and one with USB-C and 3.5mm ports.

Extra memory

Video eats memory, especially if you are shooting at high resolution, such as 4K. I’d always recommend clearing plenty of space on your smartphone before going on a shoot.

  • Android owners have an advantage as most Android smartphones will take an external microSD card for extra memory.
  • For iPhones, plug in a SanDisk iXpand 32GB flash drive (£31).