If you’re already making films on your smartphone, but want to take your technique to the next level, then this course is for you.

Learn more advanced techniques including:

  • Professional apps to film – Filmic Pro
  • Professional apps to edit – Kinemaster
  • Gimbal for better, smoother shots
  • A range of microphones to record even better sound
  • Lenses and lights to make your image look stunning

Filmic Pro

We teach Filmic Pro, the best shooting app for iPhones and Android smartphones. 

It’s so good, director Stephen Soderbergh shot two feature length movies on it (‘Unsane’ & ‘High Flying Bird’ if you want to watch). Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ video was shot on Filmic Pro too.

We take you step-by-step through Filmic Pro’s great features:

  • Full manual control of exposure, focus, and white balance for great looking, pin-sharp pictures
  • Full control of resolution up to 4K and a range of frame rates
  • Audio metering and headphone monitoring
  • Filmic Pro DoubleTake and Remote apps


A gimbal lifts your video shooting to the next level, delivering super-smooth, professional shots no matter how much your smartphone is moving.

We’ll show you how to use the Zhiyun Smooth 4, which integrates fully with the Filmic Pro app

Kinemaster edit app 

We’ll teach you advanced editing techniques with the Kinemaster app for iPhone and Android, including:

  • Getting the most out of multi-track video and audio
  • Combining music, text and graphics for a polished professional product
  • Learn audio ducking and key frame working
  • Quality up to Ultra HD

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